Thursday, June 12, 2014

Catching Up

I've been busy with my CT work with P&CO and the other designers I create for. I've always printed out pages and put them into albums but I think I'm going to get an album done with some of this year's layouts. I'm just waiting for a great sale to come up. I'm leaning towards Blurb as they are fairly economical. Health-wise, I'm been relaxing my strict restriction on carbs and finding more of a balance between carbs, calories and fat. I've not been going to the gym as often; I say it's b/c I'm busier lately but partly that's an excuse b/c I know if I really wanted to go I'd find the time. I think I am at the place where I just need to take a bit of a break. I still go to zumba every week and miss my weight lifting class so am going to make an effort to go to that more often. Taz is now 7 months old and a bundle of energy and love. He sure has helped us recover from losing Sandy at the beginning of the year. We took him out the ranch last month and he loves it. He loves the fenced in yard, pulls out small pieces of firewood to chew on and brings the pine cones into the trailer to chew on. He hasn't discovered the squirrels yet but loves to chase the birds. I'll post pics soon of the family and Taz. Right now I'd better get back to work. Here's a few recent pages I've made.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Waiting Impatiently for Sunshine & Flowers

I can't wait for the flowers to start blooming so I can get outdoors with my macro lens and get some photos. I want to have a couple of large canvases made this summer of some texturized macro shots of flowers  with quote overlays (like the photos I used for this layout).

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New digi mag premiering by JustJaimee, digital designer extraordinaire

Click on the link at the top right to go to Issuu to view the free publication of her premiere magazine, Storytelling. I'm so thrilled to have one of my pages in this issue (page 16). The magazine is just full of digital creativity and ideas to hopefully spark some ideas to get you scrapping. It's not necessary to buy Jaimee's kits (from The Lily-Pad store) to create your own digi awesomeness but it sure helps because her kits have a ton of products to choose from and her designs are always top-notch quality! So, what are you waiting for? Go check that premiere isssue is stunning!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My little guy....Taz

Here's Taz....just the sweetest, smartest little guy ever!

My life....lately

I've been neglecting my blog lately but then I started to miss posting here so I'm back, determined to post more, not just my digi stuff but about my life, my family, my new dog, share photos of everything and talk about food stuff....b/c you all know what a foodie I am. I've been busy with digi CT work for some designers at MScraps, The Lily-Pad and Pixels & Co. My photog biz is going well. I'm enjoying the balance I have with life right now. I work part time at my photog giz and have lots of time to digi scrap while making it to the gym and zumba a few times a week.  Oh yeah...I also go to the dog park at least 4-5 times a week b/c little Taz needs to work off that energy and socialize with other dogs. Life is busy....but fun!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catching Up

There's been lots going on. We lost our sweet retriever, Sandy, and then found a new pup, Taz, who has stolen our hearts. I've been busy scrapping for LaurieAnn and Just Jaimee at TLP and creashens over at P&CO. I've got another CT gig starting too but I'll wait til the designer announces her new team to say anything here. I gave up my CT spot for MScraps. They are a bunch of fantastic ladies but I felt like I needed to narrow my focus a bit, especially since I'm not online quite as much now, since I started training the new pup and going to the dog park almost every day. Life has been busy but so much fun! Here's a recent page with my new little guy. He makes me laugh all the time. He's quite the character!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Season

I've neglected my personal blog for months now and hope in the new year to revitalize it again. I've been busy with my photography biz (weddings and portraits) while carving out lots of time to digi scrap. I've created almost 200 pages this year. It helps to be on CT teams and be required to create with their new kits. It's a win-win situation. I get lots of digi stuff for free while creating lots of pages for myself. I've pretty much given up on paper scrapping except for the odd card here and there. It's hard to let go of all my supplies and I love my scrap room so I may keep just a portion of the supplies to justify keeping the room setup and gathering my scrap friends for a few crops here and there. I'm scrambling now to get all the holiday prep done (I seem to do this every year lol). always come together by the time Christmas rolls around. I've been eating low carb for most of this year and need to see what veggie dishes I can contribute to Xmas dinner that I can eat with the turkey. I need to go peruse pinterest for ideas. If you want to follow me on pinterest, you can find me here
my pinterest board
Here's a few pages I've created lately, if you'd like to see some of my work.